Monday, May 11, 2009

Helpful Hints for Better Eating

People ask, "What can I do to make better choices in my eating habits?" My typical thought is that we all have control what we put into our bodies. What we ingest, drink, smoke, rub on our skin, all affects our bodies. The human body is a resourceful machine that reacts to inputs. So, we can change the inputs and somewhat control what reactions our bodies have.

Moving on, here's some hints, actually mindsets, that can help each of us eat better. And eating better can make you feel better.

  • Eat slower, this will allow your body to recognize when it is full.
There is a time delay from our stomachs being full and our brains recognizing that we have consumed enough food.
  • Eat only until full, don't eat until you are uncomfortable.
This is related to the first item, overeating only causes weight gain, it serves no other purpose. Humans not long ago were hunters and gatherers. We did not know when the next meal would be and we would go long periods without food, until the next meal was obtained, therefore, our bodies are programmed to store the energy consumed beyond what is used at that moment. This is a big issue with many people, I have been there.
  • Eat unprocessed foods
The human body is made to process less processed foods. More processed foods tend to be simpler to digest, and in turn, quicker to be stored in the body.
  • Stay away from simple sugars
Simple sugars such as are found in processed sugars and alcohols are processed and stored almost immediately. There is little that I enjoy more than a good beer or a chocolate bar, but I know that these are very bad for me and that they can make me gain a lot of weight.
  • Change the way you look at food
Food needs to be viewed as fuel for the body instead of as comfort. Wow, this is a tough one for many people. Do you or people you know have foods that they have to have. Soda, chips, chocolate, burgers.....seems that "good food" becomes synonymous with tasting good. Yes you want to eat what your body likes but that does not mean that there are not substitutes for foods that you might enjoy as well. For me, I use a few garbanzo beans as a satisfier instead of sugar or carb laden foods. Find your own substitutes.

You can control what goes into your body. Take control of your health.

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