Thursday, May 21, 2009

Italian Garlic Turkey Burgers

Do you want to wow your friends with a spiced up healthy burger? This is it.
Prep time 10 minutes, cooking time 10-20 minutes.

Ingredients: Makes 4 burgers

1lb ground turkey
1/8 cup minced garlic
2 tsp Old Bay seasoning
1/8 cup chopped onion
1 tbsp fresh chopped oregano
4 slices of your favorite low or no fat cheese
4 whole wheat hamburger rolls

Mix the turkey, garlic, onion, oregano until fully mixed together. Make 4 hamburger patties.

Place in pan lightly coated with olive oil to prevent sticking. Lightly sprinkle Old Bay on top of burger and also when you turn it over. Cook like any burger until grilled to taste.

Top with a slice of cheese and yellow, dijon or spicy mustard. (Avoid ketchup or creamy mustards, way too much fat and/or sugar)

Serve with a salad or your favorite veggie, I prefer green beans.
Enjoy, that one is one of the best recipes.


  1. Mmm, I imagine these would be excellent with homemade turkey sausage! Sounds great and so easy.

  2. Also these burgers are fabulous with low fat ground beef. I also use Costco mesquite spices on the burgers as well, which is excellent.