Sunday, June 7, 2009

JC's Low Fat Grilled Salmon Roll Ups

This one I only had once, but I will make it more often now that I have thought about it. It is healthy and delicious. Enjoy.

1" wide salmon fillets - no skin
Romaine lettuce for roll-ups
Sauted onions
Zucchini cut lengthwise into two parts

Saute onions until soft and clear to put into rollups. Set aside and keep warm.

Coat salmon fillets and underside of zucchini with olive oil. Place in grill on medium heat. Season salmon to taste with your favorite spices. Cook salmon until cooked thoroughly, cook zucchini until hot and to desired texture. Slice zucchini.

Place salmon, some onions to taste, and zucchini (if desired, or have them as a side dish) into lettuce and roll up. Enjoy.

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